Empowerment Experience Service

Make your home renovation dreams a reality


To improve something by making small changes

Your home is the canvas for reflecting your style.  With our talented team of design consultants and skilled crafts-people, we can aid you in putting the polishing touches on your home. 

  • Fine tune your vision with subtle improvements

  • Implement the final touch of elegance and finesse

  • Boldly state your style with paint, textures and lighting


To restore something to a good state of repair

Spaces become outdated over time.  Our renovations are a result driven process that meets the design specifications that are most important to our clients. 

  • Replace worn out flooring, cabinetry, light fixtures & appliances.

  • Update tile and wall color

  • Revitalize the existing floorplan


To change the structure or form

A remodel provides the highest level of change possible for a space or even an entire portion of a home.  It goes beyond a renovation, although the two are intertwined.  Remodeling is the preferred process when a client desires to change the existing footprint/floorplan. 

  • From simple to complex restructuring of a space

  • A well thought out design process which may include architectural oversight.

  • Relocating of mechanicals, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, etc., require the oversight of a reputable, seasoned contractor.