Our Process

Initial phone call – 15-20 minutes

Let’s get to know each other.  During this call, we will discuss your project – goals and objectives of the renovation/remodel.  We want to hear why you are doing the renovation and what you expect from the renovation.  Its helpful for you to do some homework ahead of time – what does your ideal kitchen or bathroom look like?  Does the renovation include things outside the primary space – say replacement of existing flooring throughout the first floor?  Are you wanting to completely remodel the space which includes tearing out walls and relocating plumbing?  What finishes appeal to you?  Doing the leg work ahead of time will help you in formulating your budget.  A frank discussion about your budget is key to this discussion.  Renovations and remodels can vary greatly based on how much you have to spend.  We can get a good feel during this discussion and provide some thoughts on what will work – and feedback on what won’t work.  Setting a realistic budget is the most important part of this process.  With a realistic budget, we can help bring the best value for your project.  We will also want to understand what is important to you in a contractor – A contractor that will give you peace of mind and deliver a superior quality product on budget and on-time?  Are you speaking with other contractors?  What is your decision process for selecting a contractor?   What will factor most heavily in your decision to select a contractor?  Lastly, have you done a major renovation in the past? 

We encourage you to do you research on costs ahead of time.  Be sure you have a realistic understanding of what your project may cost and most importantly, be realistic about your budget.  You can check out our pricing page for some ranges of what a kitchen or bathroom remodel costs.  


Based on this conversation, we can decide if it makes sense to move forward.  We are not a fit for everyone and that’s okay. 


On-site visit – 45-60 minutes

We will walk through the space together and listen to your needs, wants and desires at a high level.   We will talk through your budget again and give some feedback on what we can accomplish within that budget.  We will talk about our company and what sets us apart from the others.  At the end of this meeting, we will again discuss if it makes sense to continue on our journey together.  If we agree to move forward, we will talk through our initial partnership agreement and set up an initial meeting with our designer if necessary. 


Renovating or remodeling your home is not something we take lightly.  We understand and appreciate this is a significant decision in your life.  We also understand the importance of open communication and trusted relationships.  You want to feel comfortable with your decision.