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Our Process
Building better spaces one step at a time

Step 2:  Phone consultation
A 15-20 minute call so that we can discuss your project.  We want to understand your goals, objectives, and your "why" to remodel or build. We talk about your expectations and have an open conversation about your budget to ensure we're all on the same page.

Step 3: On-site Consultation
We'll walk through your space to understand your needs, wants, and desires while revisiting the budget to ensure alignment. This is an excellent time to discuss why Girka Design Build could be the best fit for your project and decide if it makes sense to move forward together.

Step 4: Design Retainer and Contract
Once the design retainer is collected, we will dive deeper into your project by creating detailed renderings and an accurate estimate. After presenting you with a detailed written estimate and contract, we will work together to develop a realistic schedule for your project. Once the contract is signed, we're all set to execute the scope of work and transform your space. 

Step 5: We get to work
Our team pays attention to every detail, so you don't need to worry about any issues. We keep you updated on our progress throughout your project. We follow all the essential measures to protect the other parts of your house from any scratches or stains and keep the dust, dirt, and debris across your home to a minimum.

Step 6: We clean up
Once construction is complete, we bring in a professional cleaning crew to ensure your new space is spotless and ready for you to relax and enjoy. 

Step 7: Post Job Walk-through
After all the work is complete and your home is clean, we have a post-job walkthrough and celebration with you to ensure every detail of your new space exceeds your expectations. It's a moment to appreciate the transformation and celebrate!

Passionate about creating your perfect space

Elevated by excellence

Step into a world where high quality isn't an add-on but a guarantee. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship shine in every project, making your dream home a reality you can see and touch.

Communication is key

We understand that peace of mind is part of the perfect home, which is why we value punctuality, clarity, and ongoing communication. From initial consultation to project updates, feel consistently in the loop and at ease.

Client  Centered Approach

Your needs aren't just another item on our checklist—they're our blueprint. Our client-centered approach means we actively engage with you to understand your wants, needs, and desires and offer creative solutions. Feel at home with a team that treats your space as lovingly as you do.

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