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Why I Became a Nest Pro

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Technology should be simple to use, integrate easily, and enhance our lives.

Businesses are looking to add services to better accommodate their customers needs all the time. For me it can be such a learning experience when a customer approaches me with a need that I am unfamiliar with. Actually, I really enjoy the challenge of learning about new products and services.

Technology is moving so incredibly fast its nearly impossible to keep up with what the new trends and gizmo gadgets. I admit sometimes I get stuck in old habits or ways of doing things and don't stop on occasion to really take a look at what is out there. We are at an amazing time in history when like never before we can be better connected to friends, family, business associates, the world, and even our homes. Lets be honest our devices are only getting smarter and although it can be a bit intimidating integrating them into our lives, it really can be beneficial to do so.

A customer approached me about installing a Nest Hello doorbell. For those of you who may not be familiar, Nest is best known for its thermostats. A truly revolutionary product. Wifi connected thermostats have been around for a while, but Nest really took the ease of installation and integration to a whole new level. At the time, the Nest Hello doorbell was completely new to me. So I embarked on my usual late night journey of brewing a fresh cup of coffee and seeing what I could find out about Nest.

As I worked my way through their website and tutorials I was amazed by the simplicity of the setup and user interface. It seemed as if they thought of everything to make their products available to any homeowner with ease of use and affordability. For me that was not enough. I looked at the other similar products on the market, and time and again the Nest users were singing the praises of their products.

I stumbled upon the Nest Pro training program. Always looking to add new skill sets and offerings for our company to provide to our customers it really became a no brainer for me. Many nights were spent brewing that cup of coffee and diving into every bit of training material available. Finally I passed the associated exams, forwarded our company's credentials, and a few days later we were designated a Nest Pro company.

Nest products really encompass the idea of connecting people with life enhancing technology that is easy to use and benefits the user in everyday ways. Soon after gaining the Nest Pro status I had a bit of a health issue that landed me in the hospital for a few days. I left the hospital with a PIC line to administer IV antibiotics 3 times a day for the next six weeks. Of course being a Nest Pro I had installed a doorbell on my own home. One of the features of the Nest Hello doorbell is that it alerts you when someone rings your doorbell and gives you the ability to speak with that person in real time if you need to. I was running late getting back from a doctor's appointment when a delivery of my medication had arrived on a hot summer day. I literally needed to administer that medication when I arrived home. The delivery person rang the doorbell. I pulled over and started a conversation with the person explaining I would be home momentarily and if they would not mind waiting. When I arrived home I thanked the person and asked what they would have done if no one was home. He stated that they would have returned the medication to the pharmacy. Being it was around 5pm, I would have been without 2 doses of my medication. This was a risk to my recovery as the staph infection we were fighting was very aggressive. I was so thankful that day to have that bit of technology to help me with a real world situation.

Nest offers an array of products from the thermostat, to doorbell, security cameras, security systems, automated door locks, and even smoke/carbon monoxide sensors. All these products are designed to interact with one another and keep the home owner informed about the happenings at their home. I think anyone would be surprised how much goes on around your home when you are away. Nest is a company and product line that I believe in. I offer it to all of our customers and potential customers because I really believe it can enhance the quality of their home life while providing piece of mind.

In closing, we believe so strongly in these products we regularly donate them to charity auctions. I know once a person gets this product into use it will provide them with a whole new sense of awareness and safety. Technology can be a bit daunting at times, especially when you start to get a little older. I am not that far removed from cassette tapes and VHS myself. Its not necessary to change all at once either.

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