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Why I Became a Lutron Pro

Technology should be simple to use, integrate easily, and enhance our lives.

Light is literally life. We could not survive without it. The invention of the electric light bulb changed the direction of humanity forever and allowed us to see in the dark like never before. We all use artificial light on a daily basis generated from what seems like a never ending array of bulbs and fixtures. In fact we use so many lights it has become a source of pollution in our society.

One of the foundational services of our company is two generations of electrical experience. The use of electricity is interwoven with the use of lights. Electrical code is filled with rules and regulations on how to wire light fixtures so they can be used in basically any application or location within our homes and businesses. Lights provide safe passage on our roads and walkways. Lights fill our homes so we can function into the evening and prolong our hours of productivity. Light can set the mood on a romantic evening. Light can set the stage for a movie night. Light fills our rooms. Light fills our eyes with the information we need to carry out our daily activities and decisions.

Lutron's founder, Joel Spira, was a pioneer and innovator in lighting controls and inventor of the world's first dimmer control. Lutron's mission statement consists of its commitment to reduce energy consumption through innovative design and technology. For me, the beneficial byproduct of that is an unsurpassed ability to control the lights in our homes and businesses that can have a dramatic effect on our well being and quality of life. Simply adding a dimmer to a single light fixture can completely change the mood and aesthetic of a room, lifting or relieving the mood of all its occupants.

Customers always seem to be the catalyst for making me challenge my abilities and knowledge. A customer approached me about adding smart lighting controls to their home. While researching the selection of products I was intrigued by the systems that Lutron has to offer, such as, Caseta, RA2 Select, Radio RA2, and many more. Lutron is also an innovator in the automated shading solutions with products like Sivoia QS wireless.

I spent many hours learning about the history of Lutron. Working through the training to become a Lutron Pro was a challenging process. What I learned was how deliberate Lutron was in creating their flagship technology Clear Connect.

Over the past few years I have experimented with different wireless lighting controls. Some work really well, but each seemed to have a limitation or shortcoming. Lutron accomplished, what I believe, is the most robust dependable hub based control system on the market. The user interface is extremely intuitive and simple to use. Most home owners are more than capable of programming a system in just a few minutes or making changes to their existing system when the need arises. Lutron has entered into partnerships with the most commonly used smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung Smart Things, and Apple Homekit to name a few.

App based lighting controls allow the user to quickly adjust light levels, program schedules, and initiate scenes. By becoming a Lutron Pro it allows me to tailor fit a system to meet any customer's needs. Lutron is my go to product for any customer interested in making their home smarter and wanting to leverage the technologies available like never before.

The human eye usually cannot determine the difference between 100% brightness and 90% in most instances. Not only does dimming help to create pleasant lighting levels in a room, but it also reduces energy consumption. A homeowner can quickly go over the levels of lights in his or her home and have a dramatic affect on the energy consumption levels. All of this with a simple touch of a screen. Easily, through the App, a home owner can create a scene which turns off groups of lights, set them to predetermined levels, set lights to come on or off while they are away on vacation or automatically turn on and off based upon needs. Exterior lights can be set to extremely low levels when left on throughout the night, but with the simple press of a button come up to full brightness when needed. These little changes make a measurable difference on energy consumption and greatly reduce a home's impact on light pollution.

Being a Lutron Pro it gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I am able to help homeowners and make an environmentally friendly impact. No longer is it necessary to leave spot lights on throughout the night. Today we have the ability to program systems to adjust the level of lights based on a need. For example, a smart camera like the Nest Cam IQ noticing activity and directing a light to increase to full brightness. Or the Nest Protect notifying the lights to come on when the smoke detector goes off allowing safe passage of family members during a potentially life threatening situation. This is where we can leverage technology to better serve our homes and provide a sense of safety for our family and property.

Setting up these types of systems can be a bit daunting for most people, but for me this is where I get excited and can't wait to share these enhancement with people. I strive to offer the best products and services available to my customers, and that is why I became a Lutron Pro.

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