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What is the Girka Group? We get this question all the time. Maybe it's about time we explain.

The renovation of your home can be stressful, confusing, expensive, wrought with uncertainty, or it can be a time of excited anticipation, and indescribable satisfaction in finally making a house, a home.

I am Nick Girka, husband, father, craftsman. I have nearly three decades of residential remodeling experience. Growing up I didn't get to sleep much on the weekends like most kids. From as far back as I can remember, my dad would take me to work with him on the weekends to help out. My brother is a licensed electrician and I apprenticed with him throughout the years as well. One thing I learned from them and the subcontractors that worked for our family, is the customer has to come first.

After spending a few years as a stay at home dad, we decided, as a family, we would start up the Girka Group. It was time for my wife, Jennifer, to leave corporate America and become a stay at home mom for our two children and administrator for the Girka Group. In late 2017 we launched the business and have not looked back since.

Over the years I have been outraged by the stories I hear of contractors taking advantage of customers. From taking money and not completing work, to doing subpar work that borderlined on dangerous, and taking forever to complete a project. This is not how it has to be. This is not how it should be. It is a privilege to be asked into a person's home, and the amount of trust given to a contractor is incredible. We are often in every corner and place in a customer's home you can imagine. That relationship must be built on mutual trust and respect.

Being a homeowner myself, I know the incredible amount of money it requires to not only maintain a home but to do repairs and upgrades. I adopt my customers and often consider them family while working on their project. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a customer's eyes light up when a job starts to reform from the demolition phase to the rebuilding and finish phase. Months sometimes even years customers have saved and dreamed about redesigning a kitchen, renovating a master bathroom, finishing a basement, or building an addition. These are not insignificant investments in time and money. I get that, and do all I can to bring the best of my ability to help a customer realize those dreams.

The Girka Group was founded on the principal of putting the customer first. Our family relocated to the Campton Hills community about 7 years ago. We love the Fox Valley and continue to meet some of the kindest, most honest, hard working people we have ever known. People know one another here and support their local businesses. We have dedicated ourselves to being part of that community. With my vast years of experience, I know how a job should be done and get done. It is a fairly simple process, but one riddled with obstacles only a well seasoned contractor can work through. I am constantly seeking out contractors I would want to work on my home. I hand select the painters, plumbers, dry wallers, and other supporting trades who will help me deliver a project on time, on budget, and capable of standing the test of time. The Group is a group of contractors I trust and allow me to deliver a concierge service to our customers. I want the customer to focus on the fun part of a renovation, picking out finishes.

The Girka Group is ever evolving. I pride myself on trying to stay abreast of the top trends in the residential renovation industry and integrate them into the field, helping me deliver a better than expected result for our customers. When a customer improves their home, it should be suited, as best possible, to stand up to the next decade of expectation. I pride myself in providing a comprehensive plan for customers that not only includes the project at hand, but often insight into other areas they should consider upgrading or modernizing.

It is my unyielding desire to be a partner with my clients in maintaining or increasing value in their home. I want to demystify the customer/contractor relationship. I am a member of multiple organizations that are committed to returning pride and respectability to the trade industry by providing our customers with an above expected experience. I am here to look out for the best interest of your home in partnership with you.

Thanks so much for reading. I will be posting regularly from how-tos, industry innovations, and maybe even a little humor from time to time. We are always available for a conversation. I cannot wait to hear from you.

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